I’m Quentin, 34 years old guy from France. Travelling and all the energy going around it are filling me up. In somehow it makes me feel alive, as many other things in life, but it is a very pleasant way to experience other visions of the world, learn, share.

It all came together very early in 2013, living in London at the time. All was going well, but i started to settle in an unexpected routine, and it happened that two roads offered their selves to me. I took the one, which at the time and still now, seems to be the one with wider opportunities. Before to take such a life changing decision, i obviously checked my finances, and see what was doable by quickly drafting a budget, including insurance cover for a year, transport costs, and living costs in the countries that i wanted to see. Truth is, i worked my ass off the last 4 years in London, and it allowed me to save consistently each months, so yeah it wasn’t the moon, but i could go for at least over a year, and see..

The plan was simple, no plan at all !! Not that simple, my main objective was to reach South America, and notably Peru.. a kids’ dream. and then, i had a short bucket’s list of places and countries i wanted to visit.. Nepal, Birmania and New Zealand were the main objectives before South America, then obviously Peru.

I wanted to see what could happen in South America and after. I left England and Europe without any commitments, because i wanted to be open to other opportunities, or alternatives. I left France long time ago, I miss it, family, friends, food, but i got used to. I struggle with the idea of living again in France, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.

I left an exhausting but pleasant life-style to open myself to new opportunities, trusting my instincts and my feelings, and it’s is all about that. Satisfy my curiosity, create new ones, test my values in life, and enjoy the moments.