Photography became a passion along the road. I first bought a good camera in 2011, Canon 550D, before to go to Philippines, but I barely used it between there and the beginning of my journey around the world.

I started to shoot in manual mode in Laos, to get more perspective in my photos. I understand the light trigonometry right, but practice is the key.. and of course a good eye. Anyhow it became an interesting hobby, and i developed my style along the way, with a longer time-exposure for some photos, i like the contrast it gives and its playful character.

Reframing this blog is like watching an intense flashback of those last two years, theses photos recall beautiful memories, feelings. You always got frustrated, you want more shots of what you are living, better ones.. everything can always be better.. I see it as a good excuse to go back. Man, I dream to come back to places like India or China. The most beautiful photos are always in your mind. Travelling is a very personal thing, the lines are drawn differently that in your usual environment, it isn’t always easy to share it with an exterior world, it is very versatile. It belongs to the moment. You can’t live all the time with a camera but simple photos from time to time send a message to your friends. That all is good, that you are having a good time.. If  the photo can be in a sexy place or with a sexy girl, with the right light, it is even better.

Most of the pics on this blog have been photoshopped, lightly, most of the time i simply adjust a bit the light and the contrast. I play occasionally with painting style effects.

Photography is a beautiful way to share, transmit. I put a lot of efforts recently into it, hope it will make you wander for a short while.