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21st October 2015, Salento, Colombia

I started this blog over 2 years ago, in August 2013 when i engaged in this new adventure.. a lot happened since then. I crossed Asia back and forth for about 8 months, hitchhiked the beautiful New-Zealand and I’ve been in South America for seventeen months.

I’m at the moment in the beautiful pueblo of Salento, Zona Cafetera, Colombia. I lived and worked in Cuzco (Peru) for over a year, and meanwhile travelled through the south part of the continent.

When i started the 2wardnewhorizons.org.uk blog, all was new to me, facebook and this form of media, but I thought it was an interesting platform to make evolve. Travel blogs have helped me in some directions at some point or an other before or throughout my travel, it inspired me a lot.

I started this as a “traditional blog”, telling life events, encounters, feelings but i failed to find the right way to express things, as this format doesn’t correspond to me. I also realized quickly, that running a blog is a bloody commitment, if you are censored (China) or have failing or low internet connections (no comment..) it becomes the ultimate challenge. You spend too much time out, meet to many people to be able to have a decent consistency. I haven’t met many travel bloggers up to date with their blogs.. Resting days can be of good use to catch up with your blog.

Anyway, all of that to say, that i didn’t find the right format of expression and I lost interest and consistency over the months, and stopped the blog while living in Cuzco. Too many spams made the blog go out of line for months, so i thought that i was going through the pain to put it back online, lets reshape and have fun with it !!

I settled for 10 days in Salento, love this place, very green and inspiring. So beautiful, i came here for the second time in a month. It is the right place for me to resource before I believe me to go in Central America, and it is also the ideal place to reshape 2wardnewhorizons.org.uk

As i engaged in it, the full frame of the blog isn’t clear yet, but much more that two years ago, i have so much more contents, it is very exciting. I learn few photography skills along the way, had time to practice.. Photgraphy became an important passion in my life, I developed a certain style, I like longer light-exposure and the contrast that can be played with. The photography will probably have an important part in this new version of the 2wardnewhorizons.org.uk.

For the texts, I’ll just write what i feel up to. I saved the original posts, and thoughts written on the roads, it will be interesting to cross them with my actual vision.

I believe it explained a bit the context of this blog. It feels good writing those words it reminds me very strongly how I love travelling and that the road ahead is getting longer every new day.


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